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Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


You can consult our expert staff, who work with all their energy to prepare you a perfect experience, without paying any fee, and you can get treatment and fee information.

bg vip medical
bg vip medical
body aesthetics
bg vip medical
bg vip medical

Breast Aesthetics

bg vip medical
bg vip medical

Butt Aesthetics

Together with the largest plastic surgery and hair transplant hospitals in Europe, we see health as a whole and exist to meet your aesthetic needs as well as to solve your health problems.

BG VIP MEDICAL is an international healthcare consulting company committed to provide high standards of treatment to patients seeking treatment in Turkey by combining the most effective and fastest treatment method and cost-effective options for patients worldwide.

You can create an online and face-to-face appointment request to get information about your problems in the field of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. You can get free information and consult about all our treatments.

Free services which we are providing.



The Health consultants welcome our patients at the airport / bus station and inform them about the services and procedures ahead. We provide you with a quality and comfortable VIP transfer.



All reservations, accommodation, transport and hospital procedures are perfectly planned and professionally organized by BG VIP MEDICAL in advance.



Your consultant will provide you with a variety of luxury hotels to choose from.

We are waiting for you in Istanbul to meet your expectations in the best way under health insurance.


Our healthcare consultants are at your side throughout the all treatment process. After the health services received and the diagnosis are made you will have enough time to visit the historical areas of Istanbul and go shopping.

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