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Butt Aesthetics

The definition of beauty and aesthetics is different for everyone. The perception of butt aesthetics is also different. The most important factors to be considered are that the butt should be sufficiently prominent, proportional to the body and hips, and smooth and rounded. The butt is shaped using different techniques according to the needs of the person.

In the hip area, deformities can be seen due to reasons such as lack of regular sports, gaining weight, aging, and rapid weight loss. Sometimes genetic deformities can also cause the hip to appear misshapen. In particular, lubrication can lead to a visible sagging in the hip area.

During Butt Aesthetics; Applications such as butt lift, shaping, enlargement and reduction, regulation of hip lines, cupping and shaping in the waist cavity, removal of excess hips are performed together.

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Brazilian Butt (BBL)

Brazilian buttock surgery; It is the process of removing excess fat from the belly, waist and leg areas and placing and shaping these fats in the butt in order to obtain a more lifted and rounded butt image.

Butt Lift (Stretching)

It is the process of lifting the entire abdomen, waist and buttocks by removing the skin from under the abdomen, waist and top of the buttocks (belt lipectomy) in people who have discharge and collapse of the subcutaneous adipose tissue after losing a lot of weight, and sagging skin. In this technique, the excess skin is surgically removed, the fat mass inside is shaped and suspended upwards. In patients with medium and good skin quality, only adipose tissue injection or prosthetic application may be sufficient.

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Buttock Augmentation

Change your body lines with butt augmentation. Special fat grafting techniques take excess fat from one part of your body and transfer it to the skin, giving you fuller and rounder hips. Buttock augmentation with fat grafting can give your body lines a more attractive appearance.



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