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Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

Body aesthetic surgeries are plastic surgeries performed by plastic surgeons.  Body shaping surgeries have been the most preferred aesthetic surgeries in the world and Turkey in recent years. In body aesthetic surgeries; Excess fats that cause contour problems are removed, the body is shaped and proportion problems are eliminated.

BG VIP MEDICAL is an international health consultancy company that is committed to providing high standards of treatment to patients who want to be treated in Turkey, by combining the most effective and fastest treatment method and cost-effective options for patients all over the world.

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Together with Europe's largest plastic surgery and hair transplant hospitals, we see health as a whole and exist both in meeting your aesthetic needs and in solving your health problems.

You can consult our expert staff, who work with all their energy to prepare you a perfect experience, without paying any fee, and you can get treatment information and fee information.

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Liposuction (Fat Removal)

Liposuction technique is the process of removing the fat tissue, which has thickened as a result of weight gain between the skin and muscle layer, from the body with the help of thin and special cannulas.


The patient group suitable for this surgery is those who are close to or slightly above their ideal weight and have regional adiposity problems. Since the number of fat cells is permanently reduced in the areas where liposuction is applied, even if the patient gains weight after the recovery period of the surgery, these areas cannot reach their previous volumes.  

Body Shaping

Body shaping surgeries are combined surgeries that are usually performed in patients with sagging and deformity after excessive weight loss (post bariatric surgery) or less frequently with aging and requiring recovery surgery in more than one part of the body. These surgeries are performed in a single session or in more than one session depending on the general health status of the patient and the number and duration of the procedures to be performed.

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Abdominoplasty (​ tummy tuck )

Advanced surgical techniques can correct weakened abdominal muscles, sagging skin sagging, and persistent belly fat to create a youthful and tight waist. If pregnancy, weight loss and/or age have damaged your body, you can restore your figure and self-confidence with this incredible body contouring procedure.

The purpose of tummy tuck is to recover the relaxed abdominal muscles and to save the patient from sagging skin excesses. These surgeries are the ideal method for those who lose excessive weight or for mothers who have excessive sagging in the abdomen after birth. The details of the surgery are determined according to the structural changes and the targeted body shape. 

Arm Aesthetics (Arm Slimming - Stretching)

arm stretching; aging, excessive weight gain and loss, skin thickness, lubrication, sagging and deterioration of flexibility are the operations performed.

With the deterioration in the structure and shape of elastic and collagen fibers in the body, which is also caused by the age factor, shrinkage occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer. Over time, changes occur in our arms as well as in every part of our body. Arm lift surgery is performed to correct these deformities in the arm.

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Leg Aesthetics

Deformities in the leg area, undesirable thickness or thinness are disturbing factors. Every woman wants to have long, symmetrical and smooth legs. Leg aesthetic surgery is the process of bringing the legs into an aesthetic, attractive and desired shape through surgical intervention. In aesthetic surgery, operations are performed mainly to correct hereditary or childhood deformities due to unhealthy nutrition. Because some aesthetic disorders in the legs can be resolved with exercise and diet.

Today, many men and women prefer plastic surgery because they are uncomfortable with the shape of their legs. In leg aesthetic surgeries, we do not have a chance to lengthen the leg or correct bone curvature, the aim is to reduce these defects.

Hand Aesthetics

One of the places where aging first appears is the hands. Sometimes it draws more attention than the facial symptoms. Because the skin on the top layer of the hand is much thinner than the skin on the face. There is very little fat in the layer on the hand. Collagen and elastic fiber destruction, which is the result of aging, creates a remarkable aging effect on the hand.

As a result, a wrinkled skin with prominent veins emerges. Brown spots, which appear in the case of exposure to the sun during childhood and youth, make you feel more aged

In hand surgeries, degenerative diseases, especially hand injuries, and congenital disorders are treated.

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The Health consultants welcome our patients at the airport / bus station and inform them about the services and procedures ahead. We provide you with a quality and comfortable VIP transfer.



All reservations, accommodation, transport and hospital procedures are perfectly planned and professionally organized by BG VIP MEDICAL in advance.



Your consultant will provide you with a variety of luxury hotels to choose from.

We are waiting for you in Istanbul to meet your expectations in the best way under health insurance.


Our healthcare consultants are at your side throughout the all treatment process. After the health services received and the diagnosis are made you will have enough time to visit the historical areas of Istanbul and go shopping.

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