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Organ transplant

Organ transplantation is an operation in which an organ is removed from the donor body and then placed in a recipient body to replace a damaged or missing organ. The donor and recipient may be in the same location, or organs from a donor located in a separate region can be transplanted to a recipient located elsewhere.  


Organs or tissues to be transplanted can be taken from living bodies or cadavers. Transplantation medicine is one of the most challenging and complex areas of modern medicine. Organs that can be successfully transplanted today include the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, thymus, and uterus . When medical data are examined globally, it is seen that the most commonly transplanted organs are the kidneys, followed by the liver and heart. 

Why should Turkey be preferred for organ transplantation?


Organ Transplant departments of private hospitals contracted by BG Vip Medikal in Turkey use the most advanced medical treatments and technology in the world. Turkey is among the top three countries in the world in kidney and liver transplantation from living donors.

Turkey is the best choice for organ treatments because of the ultra-modern technology and highly qualified doctors who make the procedures successful. Our doctors are certified and are among the best specialists in the world.

Patients prefer Turkey for transplantation, surgeons for training


Considering the numerical data for organ transplantation, Turkey is among the top 5 in the world in terms of success rates. Now, patients do not go abroad to receive organ transplants, on the contrary, foreign patients receive organ transplants in Turkey. Since the organ transplant surgeons working in our country are highly experienced, surgeons from many developed countries of the world, especially the USA, come to Turkey. Turkish surgeons, who have achieved significant success in living donor transplants, provide comprehensive training to visiting doctors and share their experiences with them.​

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Hastane Koridorunda Doktor

A healthy life awaits patients after organ transplantation


The thing that transplant recipients are most curious about after the transplant is when they can return to their normal lives. In fact, some patients may worry that they will not be able to return to their old lives or be the same as before. The concerns of transplant patients are unfounded. On the contrary, a healthy life awaits the transplant recipients, not hard days. People who are brought back to life by organ transplantation can return to their social and business life after an average of 3 months and become a productive person. In this process, it is possible to have children, and the person can continue his life as before.


Organ transplantation is a multidisciplinary treatment for patients who are in the last stage of their disease. After a successful transplant, people should act within the framework of their doctor's recommendations. Regular medication intake and doctor checks should not be neglected. Post-transplant life is as important as transplantation. It is very important to raise awareness of patients on this issue.

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